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Manufacture of Brass Bolts Brass Inserts Brass Screws Brass Nuts Brass Anchor Brass Washers Brass Electrical Acccessories Panel Board Accessories Brass Neutral Links Electrical General Components Test Bonds HRC Fuse Connectors Electrical Switch Parts PVC Moulding Parts and Conduit Brass Inserts Brass BSP / NPT Threaded Brass Self Tapping Inserts Brass Press Lock Type Inserts Brass Moulding Inserts Brass M/F Inserts for CPVC Brass Cross Knurled Inserts Brass M/F Inserts for PPR Water Tank Fittings Connectors Brass Straight Knurled Inserts Brass Knurled Screws Brass Tappex Type Inserts Brass Helical Knurled Inserts Brass Metal Casting Brass Cast Stamped Lugs Micro Tiny Brass Components Aluminium Foundry Castings Brass Clips Brass Clamps Brass Castings BI-Metallic Terminals Copper Casting Brass Copper Casting Parts Copper Fittings Foundries Brass Copper Non Ferrous Brass Copper Foundry Brass Earthing Accessories.

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All our products conform to International Standards and are tested in a Namas approved laboratory in U.K., for British Standard.
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